This goblet-shaped bloom of six petals is Holland’s most popular flower. There are literally thousands of cultivars with various shapes and colors, including multi-color and bi-color varieties. They can be grouped into four general categories, according to the shape of the flower.


  • single tulips with rounded petals
  • double tulips with rounded petals
  • parrot tulips with fringed petals
  • lily-flowered tulips with pointed petals.

Both stem length and size of bloom vary by variety.

Available: Late winter and spring.

Care & Handling:

  • Tulips have a relatively short vase life (4-5 days). To slow down the opening of the bloom, place stems in 2″ of cold preservative solution, without re-cutting stems. Consider pre-chilling water overnight or using ice chips in tap water to bring watertemperature down.
  • Tulips are phototropic and will quickly curve toward any available light source.
  • Tulips are heavy drinkers! Check your water level and replenish with preservative solution daily.

Design Suggestions:

  • One or several stems of tulips can make a dramatic statement in a vase.
  • Choose a vase that measures about 2/3 the depth of the tulips stems so they will have plenty of water and you will have better control over the placement of the stems.
  • Use as feature flowers in designs.
  • These flowers look beautiful cracking or open in arrangements. Note that tulips continue to grow the first 24 hours they are in water.
  • If necessary for the line of the arrangement, wire tulips to control flowers from curving toward the light.