Hypericum (St John’s Wort)

Originally found in Western Asia, the popularity of Hypericum has increased dramatically over the past five years and is now grown in many locations across the globe.

Hypericum has also become better known for its medicinal properties, it is harvested and sold as an herbal antidepressant under its common name, St John’s Wort.

Initially, there was only one general variety of Hypericum widely sold, as opposed to the six or seven named varieties available now, all with different characteristics. Be on the lookout for new interesting varieties in honey, green, hot orange and pink. Some Hypericum is used for their colorful berries, while others are used for the beautiful foliage.

Design Suggestions:

Hypericum Berries are perfect filler flowers. With an average of 12-14 berries per stem, the Hypericum looks like a fruitful cluster of juicy berries atop bright green leaves. This is an attractive filler for any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece or flower arrangement. Berried varieties are considered a medium filler flower and are available in green, yellow, pink, peach, several shades of red, white and burgundy.