Questions (FAQ)

What sets Grower Direct apart?

For starters: superior flowers, clean, well-located stores, and affordable everyday prices. These characteristics helped us grow into Canada’s largest flower franchise. So we know a thing or two about retailing flowers and about the franchise business model.

What is Grower Direct looking for in a potential franchisee?

This cuts right to the heart of things, doesn’t it?
Let’s look at the other side of it first … what’s expected of the franchisor.
Companies which employ the franchise business model are seeking to expand their market reach
faster and farther than they could using their own resources.

The retail franchisor brings to the party:

  • A coherent business plan built on a recognized “brand”
  • A tested and successful set of methods, including sales propositions
  • A set of products or services which have consistent quality, sufficient to meet customer expectation and build consumer confidence

Now back to the question. For their part, the franchisees are expected to provide:

  • Sufficient financial resources to cover the establishment and operation of local operation as well as any royalties or other fees
  • The management skills required to operate a successful business
  • The energy and understanding required to grow and sustain a retail enterprise
  • Substantial knowledge of and sensitivity to the local community

Finding and selecting the right franchisees is “mission critical” at Grower Direct.
Because our selection process is more detailed and demanding than many, not everyone
who applies for a Grower Direct franchise meets the criteria.

We look for people who are sales-oriented and have entrepreneurial drive, good solid management skills, financial means and the dedication required in today’s competitive retail market.
If that sounds like you, we have a proven success formula for your consideration.

For more than a decade, our floral franchise system has helped individuals who dreamed of running their own successful business. Those people used our system, but their achievements depended just as much on their own dedication, drive and hands-on managerial skill.

If I agree to open a new Grower Direct store in a new territory, what kinds of support can I expect from the company in establishing this new operation?

  • Advice and support in finding the right location and in negotiating terms for your lease
  • Store design expertise and help preparing blue prints for your store design
  • Training; hands-on, face-to-face and media based. We have an extensive library of printed manuals along with video and audio productions produced specifically to meet the needs of new Grower Direct franchisees and their employees
  • Ongoing and free supply of stationary items such as letterhead and envelopes, business cards and various forms
  • As requested, ongoing support from our financial team in the analysis of your accounting and performance records
  • Guidance in the use of company provided training material for new staff

In which Canadian jurisdiction is your company registered, and is it approved to sell franchises in this province?

We are registered as required across Canada and approved to sell franchises in all provinces.

Do you have a current company disclosure document available?

Yes, our disclosure documents are updated continuously to reflect any changes that take place within our franchise.

How do you calculate royalty fees to your franchisees?

Grower Direct has a unique simple “Flat Rate” weekly royalty, no complicated formulas or gross sales percentages! This means that as you grow your business your royalty does not increase, the profits from your long term growth are yours!

Where and how do your franchisees get their flowers?

Our primary source of flowers is South America. Once purchased flowers are processed through our Miami facility, Odyssey Brokerage. Flowers are then transported in our own temperature controlled trucks directly to Canada. In most areas the time for transportation from Miami is half the industry standard.

Do you have long-term supply relationships including standing orders with established flower farms?

Yes, relationships that have been built and stood the test of time for upwards of 25 years, ensuring delivery of the highest quality flowers to our stores. In conjunction with our transportation systems, this allows our stores to confidently offer a retail guarantee unsurpassed in the flower industry!

Do I have direct access to the flower importers in Miami?

You, as a Grower Direct store owner, have direct access to our own flower buyer in the Miami market. This allows you to be right there when a great buy is available. Not only is our buyer available to you but you will also receive notification of “Red Hot” Miami deals each week.

What strategic affiliations does your company provide its franchisees?

Grower Direct continuously strives to build strong affiliations with partners who offer a win/win partnership.

  • FTD -The worlds most recognized flower industry brand. Providing leading edge technology and worldwide delivery of flowers.
  • FloraWorld – Grower Direct’s own call center generating orders for our stores.
  • Odyssey Brokerage – Our own consolidation, buying operation in Miami, Florida.
  • Grower Direct Printing – Our printing facility provides all of your basic business printing free! Including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, order forms, posters, etc.

What level of training does your company provide for new & existing franchisees?

A complete initial training program involving classroom and hands on training in a corporate store. This initial training is followed up, by having a trainer in your new store, for 5 days upon your opening. This ensures that you have the support to get you off to a strong start.

How will I stay abreast of events and trends in my industry?

Through our own company newsletter published monthly and weekly store information packages, plus our toll free help line.

What kinds of company-wide marketing support are available?

National Advertising Fund – This is a weekly flat rate fund contributed to by both Grower Direct and our franchisees. With this fund we provide our stores with the marketing material they need to succeed. Material including:

  • In-Store Point of Purchase Materials – Posters, Brochures, Flyers, In-Store Contests, and Display Material.
  • E-Commerce Website – Grower Direct operates a leading edge website to generate orders for our stores and in fact we generate a lot of orders for our franchisees.
  • Store Web Page – Our stores receive a feature page on the Grower Direct website. This page provides details about the store for consumers. To see an example Click Here