Limonium sinuatum, syn. Statice sinuata

The Greek word Statice means causing to stand as the spikes stand fresh-looking for months. Statice is a large group of plants in the genus Limonium, all of which have distinctive spiky flowers and simple or lobed leaves. Representatives of the Statice family can be found growing all over the world in sizes ranging from one foot (30 centimeters) tall to large bushes.

In general, Statice thrives in sandy soil and also tolerates salt marshes thereby giving it the name Sea Lavender. For this reason, it is widely cultivated in some regions to provide accent color, as well as filler for bouquets.

Statice displays multiple branches of tiny funnel-shaped flowers. Each “winged” stem has thin, sword-like leaves of dark green.

While the flowers are blooming, they have a delicate papery outer layer and a soft set of inner petals. The inner petals drop out, leaving the outer ones behind, and often drying naturally on the stem.

The papery flowers of Statice come in a wide array of colors, including blue, violet, white, yellow, apricot, salmon, pink, rose and lavender. Statice’s versatility and hardiness make it an ideal “staple” for flower arranging.

Available: Year-round.

Care & Handling:

  • Do not get flower heads wet.
  • Remove any leaves that will be immersed in water.
  • Cut the bottom 1/2 inch off each stem at an angle using a sharp knife. (Do not use scissors as they can crush flower stems and prevent proper hydration, thus shortening the life of the flower.)
  • Make sure to use a clean vase.
  • Mix one liter of lukewarm water with the package of Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flower Food (provided with your flowers). Be sure to measure carefully when adding food into the water as the proper quantities both feed the flower and inhibit bacteria growth.
  • Do not place flowers near heat (ie. Refrigerator or television), extreme cold, drafts, smoke fumes or in direct sunlight.
  • Water quality makes a big difference. Do not use softened water as it may reduce the life of the flowers. Use regular drinking water and if the water becomes cloudy, change it, add additional flower food and re-cut the flowers.

Design Suggestions:

  • Statice mixes well with most all flowers, especially poms, minis and carnations.
  • Use as a filler flower to enhance bouquets of pastel colors.
  • Variety of colors makes statice suitable for both holiday and everyday bouquets and arrangements.
  • Statice is easy to dry; simply hang upside down for several days. Dried statice retains its color and can be used to enhance pottedplants and dried arrangements.