(Asparagus Plumusus)

Plumusus is compact and has lace-like, flat, light green leaves & is native to South Africa. It is mostly used in garlands and rose arrangements.

Asparagus Plumosa is actually related to the Asparagus spears that we eat.

Plumosa Fern is an easy to grow house plant and is commonly used in outdoor patio planters. Within the floral trade two sizes of Asparagus plumosus is available, tips and long.

Tips are useful when length is not needed. Plumosa Greens Garlands are perfect for the do-it-yourself bride or event planner and are one of the easiest and most elegant ways to decorate. They are ideal for churches, alters, tables, banisters, and backyard weddings. Use them alone or add other fresh flowers.


 Design Suggestions:

  • Use in hand-tied bouquets and arrangements to add fullness, color and texture to design and to cover any foam, tape, etc.
  • Make sure stems are long enough to reach the water reservoir when using floral foam. Ferns do need to drink!