Bloomies & Santinis

(blu-mees and san-tee-nees)

With small, delicate blooms and multi-flowered stems, Bloomies and Santinisprovide excellent filler for both bouquets and arrangements. The Bloomie flowers are generally a little larger, while most Santinis have an anemone shape.

They are noted for their long vase life, crisp, dark foliage and wonderful array of vibrant colors to coordinate with anyseason or holiday. Santinis are the ultimate “cash and carry” consumer bunch. Both Bloomies and Santinis have an excellent vase life of 14 to 16 days. Available: Year-round.

Care & Handling:

  • Strip lower 1/3 of foliage.
  • Cut and place stems in 6″-8″ of cool water with the correct amount of floral preservative.
  • Change preservative solution every 2-3 days.

Design Suggestions:

  • Use as a filler flower in arrangements. The novelty of these flowers will help create interest in the design.
  • Use in hand-tied bouquets to add volume.
  • Use in a novelty container for something different and unique.