Solutions For Fresher Flowers

Grower Direct takes great pride in the quality and freshness of our product. This is not something that is easily achieved and requires a number of very important and at times a lot of really committed effort . Steps and effort that many of our competitors choose to skip or only partially commit to.

– It starts by selecting the finest flowers from the best farms to ensure consistent quality product right from the get-go.

– Followed by developing and maintaining a climate controlled transportation system that ensures that flowers move from farm to store in the shortest time possible.

– And finally in using only the best and most effective post-harvest flower treatments and procedures within our stores. This is where Floralife and its products play an important role.

With more than 70 years of experience in post-harvest care and handling of flowers, Floralife, Inc. is a world leader in providing product and technical services to customers on a global basis. From grower to consumer, there is a Floralife® brand product for every step in the “Chain of Life” flower process. Flower pretreatments, hydration solutions for transport and storage, and final food solutions for nourishment and conditioning provide greater quality and help assure freshness of flowers for the ultimate enjoyment by the end consumer.

It all began back in 1938 when the very first fresh cut flower food was invented by Floralife, Inc. Its beginning was a joint venture between a successful commercial grower of roses, William Bussert, and a Chicago, Illinois cut flower wholesaler, James Sykora, Sr. of the Amling Co. Early advertising for Floralife® products featured infamous 20th Century-Fox movie star actress, Joan Bennett. With promotional success, additional floral innovations soon followed, leading to the wide range of post harvest care products designed specifically for the flower industry which are available today. 

In January 2007, the Smithers-Oasis Company acquired the organization, as the two product lines are highly complementary. Smithers-Oasis is best known worldwide for its OASIS® brand Floral Foam, the world’s first water-absorbing foam invented by V.L. Smithers in 1954. The product revolutionized the floral industry by offering florists a way to hydrate flowers while securing them in the desired arrangement. Today, OASIS® Floral Foam and their floral accessories are used by florists around the world.

The corporate headquarters for Floralife, Inc. is located in Walterboro, South Carolina USA (see picture).Located amongst tall pine trees which bring this southern region charm, this facility houses sales, manufacturing, warehousing, and research facilities all under one roof. The Floralife® product line is based upon years of research and development. With offices and laboratories worldwide in the most important flower trading countries in the world, testing is conducted based upon customer and market needs. Ongoing research has resulted in greater knowledge of the performance of specific plant types, resulting in enhanced products and services.

Additional offices and laboratories are located in:
• Miami, FL USA.
• Kent, OH, USA.
• Dormagen, Germany, EU
• ’s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands, EU
• Bogotá, Colombia, S.A.
• Kunming, China
• Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

With the synergies of both companies, Floralife, Inc. has expanded with worldwide distribution networks throughout North and South America, Asia, India, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

Floralife, Inc. has through the years a long history of involvement in the floriculture industry and is recognized for its active role as a leader in the cut flower industry.