Grower Direct works in close relation with a number of business allies.
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Florverde is: “The Colombian Flower Industry’s Social and Environmental Program” Florverde is not just a label; it is a local program, created to address Colombian needs and international requirements that work for the benefit of the flower growing regions, and their people. Importantly, Grower Direct sources the majority of our product from farms on this program. Established in 1996, Florverde strives to improve the lives and living standards of floral farm workers and their families; to preserve and protect the environment for the industry’s farmers for generations to come; and to ensure high-quality, affordable flowers for customers year-round. All of which are entrenched values Grower Direct shares. Learn more about Florverde


Under its original name (1-888-ROSE-888 Inc) Floraworld was Canada’s first home- grown floral wire service. It grew directly from two stimuli; first, the growing demand for easy reliable ways to send flowers, and second the impact of Grower Direct in the Canadian marketplace. Consumers often wish to send flowers to friends and loved ones who live elsewhere. A number of US based floral wire services were working in Canada, but all were based on the retail propositions favoured by their founders, i.e. traditional retail florists. With its high quality, flowers-by-the-pound approach to retailing, Grower Direct had difficulty cracking the circle. Traditional florists were more than happy to receive and fill an order from a Grower Direct store, but they had little interest in returning the favour. That fact, and the overall outlook for the flower business led to the creation of 1-888 Rose-888 Inc. In 1999, the company changed its name to Floraworld. Although a separate company, Floraworld works closely with Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers Inc. and a strong alliance has developed. Visit the Floraworld Web Site

Odyssey Brokerage Inc.

This is another company which arose in response to a situation created by Grower Direct. In Miami, never before had one Canadian company required so much in the way of product, service and quality control. Odyssey Brokerage was established in North America’s flower capital with the primary purpose of meeting the needs of Grower Direct. Odyssey receives prepares, consolidates all floral products destined for our Grower Direct stores in Canada. It also monitors these products for quality, applying standards developed by Grower Direct. These products are primarily fresh cut flowers shipped in from Colombia, Ecuador and Holland.