Substitution Policy

At Grower Direct we understand how important every floral order we are entrusted with is and as such we always do our very best to ensure that the recipient of your order receives exactly what you had in mind. However there are times when a substitution of flowers or the container featured may be necessary to ensure timely delivery of your order. Please understand that making a substitution is always a last resort.

Some of the reasons for this may be:

  • Specified flowers or exact colours are simply not available in the delivery area (seasonal, out of stock, or not fresh). As flowers are a perishable product they can not be stored for a long period of time, this will mean that selected varieties are not always available. Our goal always is to provide our customers with the best value on the freshest flowers available.
  • Specified floral container is not available in the delivery area.

In order to provide our valued customers with worldwide flower delivery we deal with literally tens of thousands of floral affiliates. So understandably there will be occasions when a specific arrangement is not available in a delivery area. You may rest assured that Grower Direct will always ensure that you are satisfied with the product that you have ordered from us.

The utmost care and attention will always be given to your order to ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item. We always ask that our FTD florist affiliates follow these guidelines:


  • There shall be no substitution in design style of arrangement; that is, no change in basic size or shape.
  • In arrangements of assorted flowers, the colours shown should be used if at all possible, even if this means substituting other kinds of flowers of equal or greater value to maintain overall colour consistency.
  • When substitution is necessary, the utmost care shall be taken to maintain the overall effect of the arrangement. For example, spiked flowers should be substituted for spikes and round flowers for round.
  • In one-of-a-kind flower arrangements, such as roses or lilies, every attempt will be made to match the flower type as the variety is of first importance, preceding colour in this instance only.
  • If the floral container is not available a similar container will be used (a clear vase when a clear vase is shown, etc).


  • Similar plants of equal or greater value may be substituted for green and blooming plants.
  • Every attempt will be made to match the plant type for one-of-a kind plants such as orchids, although another colour may be substituted.
  • If the plant container shown is not available a similar container will be used

Specialty Gifts

  • Bears, Balloons, and greeting cards may be substituted with another of equal or greater value and of a similar theme and category (New baby with new baby, etc.)

Cancellations and Refunds

To provide you with the best possible service, you can cancel your order if it has not yet been created by the fulfilling florist, sent out on delivery, or is already delivered. If we are able to cancel the order we will provide a full refund.

Unfortunately we are unable to cancel or change orders already created by the filling florist, en route to the location or already delivered. Refunds will not be issued in these situations.

Please contact us within 7 days of delivery if you have questions or concerns regarding your delivered order. You may be asked to have the arrangement returned to the florist if necessary or to provide a photo of the delivered arrangement. Questions or concerns sent to us after 7 days may be addressed at our discretion.

Substitution FAQ’s

Why are substitutions made if I have ordered a specific product?
Fresh flowers are a product of nature and as such are subject to availability due to a number of reasons including weather, shipping conditions, seasonal availability and demand. As well, although our FTD florist affiliates strive to maintain the best selection of fresh quality flowers, no retailer can possibly stock every variety of flower at all times. There may be occasions when a substitution must be made.

Is this something that happens frequently?
No! In fact both Grower Direct and our FTD affiliates truly understand how important your floral order is and the consideration that you took in selecting a specific product for a special occasion. Substitution of product only occurs when we can absolutely not find what you have selected in the delivery area.

When a substitution is made will I still receive the full value for what I paid?
Absolutely! Your order will be filled to the full retail value that you paid, no exceptions.

Will I be notified prior to a substitution being made?
No, unfortunately due to time zone differences, varying delivery cutoff times, and a number of other time sensitive factors it is generally not possible to contact the individual that placed the order prior to the actual delivery.

Can I cancel my order or request a refund if a substitution is made for the flowers and/or container in my arrangement or with the plant(s) I selected?

We are unable to cancel or refund orders where substitutions have been made that follow the guidelines. Please contact us within 7 days of delivery if you have questions or concerns regarding your delivered order. Questions or concerns received after 7 days may be addressed at our discretion.