With all the natural charm of an English country garden, the bountiful blooms of stock have an enticing spicy-sweet fragrance.Double or single flower spikes are surrounded by slender silver-green foliage and hold a mass of brightly colored blossoms in white, cream, pale peach, lavender, rosy magenta and deep violet.


Available: Year-round.
The vase life is approximately 6 to 7 days.

Care & Handling:

  • Strip off lower 1/3 of foliage as it tends to yellow prematurely. Cut 1″ – 2″ off stem ends with sharp knife or flower cutters.
  • Place bunches in a vase loosely so they can air out, in 4″ – 5″ of preservative solution made with warm water (100°-110°F).
  • Stock tends to foul the water rapidly and bacteria can impede water uptake. Change often!
  • Stock is very sensitive to ethylene. Stock is treated with ST8 at the farm. Keep away from all external sources of ethylene, such asfruit, carbon monoxide and decaying plant material.

Design Suggestions:

  • Single stem stock is excellent for bouquets. Use double stem stock as a focal flower or accent in arrangements.
  • Mix with other “garden-type” flowers like roses, iris, lilies and poms.
  • Try using in a monochromatic theme with roses, poms, liatris, statice, etc.