Antirrhinum majus

Snapdragon blossoms are approximately 3-4 cm long and tubular in shape with rounded upper and lower lips. Interestingly, snapdragons are called “rabbit’s lips” in Asia, and “lion’s lips” in Holland.  Around 10-15 flowers appear on each flower spike, opening from the bottom up. A fantastic range of colors includes white, yellow, orange, several pinks, maroon, lavender, apricot and many bi-colors.


Available: Year Round.

Care & Handling:

  • Snapdragons are geotropic; they will orient themselves and bend their stems upright in relation to gravity.
  • Cut 1″ – 2″ off stem ends with sharp knife or flower cutters, and remove foliage below waterline.
  • Place upright in a preservative solution made with warm water (100°-110°F)
  • Replenish preservative solution and re-cut stems every other day to insure development of entire bloom spike.
  • Snapdragons are sensitive to ethylene. Keep away from all external sources of ethylene, such as fruit, carbon monoxide and decaying plantmaterial.
  • Remove tips to encourage blooming.

Design Suggestions:

  • Use as a line flower in arrangements.
  • Unusual and vibrant blossoms can add contrast in designs or stand alone in a clear vase.
  • Gives a garden look to bouquets and arrangements.
  • Display behind other shorter flowers. Use the vivid colors to color-coordinate your display.
  • Feature snaps for a “make your own garden bouquet” theme with bouvardia, colored roses, monte casino, stock, and Queen Anne’s lace.