Liatris (Liatris callilepis, Harris spicata)

The genus Liatris belongs to the aster family and is composed of around 40 different species. These showy plants are native to eastern and central United States.

The flowers are generally purple, but sometimes white. Liatris is noted for attracting wildlife; Butterflies are particularly attracted to the nectar-rick blossoms and birds will also visit as they enjoy the fall-ripening seeds.

The Liatris which is also known as Gay-feather or Blazing Star, is an upright plant that produces tall, rigid spikes of fluffy purple flowers. One of the unusual characteristics is that the flowers bloom from the top down rather than the bottom up, as is common with most upright spiked flowers. This makes them a great cut flower, because as the old flowers at the top begin to look spent, they can just be snipped off and the stalk will continue putting out fresh blooms farther down the stem.


Design Suggestions:

  • Can be used as a focal flower in hand-tied bouquets.
  • Blends well with any other kind of flower.
  • Display in the back since it is taller than most flowers and the vivid color will draw customers’ eyes through the display.

Liatris adds texture to any display since the flower looks fuzzy as the florets open.