Colour Meanings Of Flowers

Have you ever wondered exactly which flower you should get to show exactly what you mean? Well now you can find out!

Check out the list of flower colors and exactly what emotions they represent below.


A deep color with deep meanings, red flowers indicate a connection of love and passion, respect and admiration, and possibly even courage.



Popular among the ladies, a flower in lavender is suggestive of beauty and elegance.



Peace and serenity, relief from stress, and sudden inspiration from dark times are hidden behind the vibrant shades of blue.


 Yellow represents the bond of friendship and all that comes with it, from happiness and enthusiasm to jealousy and deceit.



The ultimate expression of sympathy and sorrow, peach flowers are a gift for dark times.


Orange is a powerful color and it commands the things you want most, your ultimate goals and desires, and also the satisfaction of reaching them.



A symbol of peace and relaxation, White is a color we could all use more of!


Green indicates health and wellness for all, and a desire to achieve great things.


A measurement of grace and confidence, pink flowers are a strong indicator of deep meaning for others.



A token of Pride, power and success, Purple is a strong color with a strong measure of meaning behind it.