Symbolizes big-heartedness, fun, lightness and levity and can also indicate ardent attachment.The Greeks named this flower after Delphinium Apollo, the God of the city of Delphi. Delphinium means “Little Dolphin” because the ancient Greeks saw in the shape of the spurred buds a miniscule finny dolphin. Birth Month: July

Delphinium is a close relative of larkspur, which is a poisonous hardy annual Delphinium Hybrid. In the past, botanists included larkspurs in the Delphinium genus, but today larkspurs are classified in a separate genus, Consolida.

Delphinium flowers are 2.5 cm across, arranged on a long spike measuring 20-40cm in length. There are also branching types with several flower spikes on one plant. Stems could be as long as 100 cm. Flowers are available in a variety of different colors.

There are approximately 250 species in the Delphinium genus, but there are three main hybrid groups that are grown as cut flowers.

Delphinium Belladonna Group: are generally single flowered and have branched stems as tall as 1 m.

Delphinium Pacific Hybrids and the Delphinium Elatum Group – both these varieties have either single or double blooms, and stems are non-branched and as tall as 1.5 m.

Available: Year-round.

Care & Handling:

  • Cut 1″ – 2″ off stem ends with sharp knife or flower cutters.
  • Remove foliage below water line. Place in preservative solution made with warm water(100°-110°F).
  • Delphinium is a heavy drinker!
  • To reduce “flower drop”, check your water level and replenish with preservative solution daily.
  • Delphinium is ethylene sensitive. Keep away from all external sources of ethylene, such as fruit, carbon monoxide and decaying plant material.

Design suggestions:

  • Use as line flower in design to add height and texture to an arrangement.
  • Great for bouquets with a garden look.
  • Delphinium’s unique blue color is excellent for holiday bouquets and arrangements.
  • Has an “old fashioned” appeal that blends well with most other flowers. Mix with roses and Queen Anne’s Lace for an elegant, Victorian appearance.