Chrysal – Professional Flower Post Harvest Care Products

Giving Flowers the love they deserve

Chrysal originates in The Netherlands, the worlds leading country in floricultural industries. The company started in 1929, at first focused on Pokon plant food. In the early fifties the company added flower food to the product range by importing Chrysal products from Belgium. A few years later, Pokon & Chrysal merged into one company.

Chrysal has many years of global experience in the floricultural industry and have proven themselves to be one of the leading trendsetters in flower care.

Chrysal takes pride in creating excellence in care for cut flowers. They truly care for flowers, from harvest until the moment they bloom in a vase. For each phase in the life of a cut flower, Chrysal offers just the right product for long lasting beauty.

Their mission is clear….

“Chrysal wants to ensure consumer satisfaction with every flower purchase
by providing our business partners with total flower care solutions”

The Chrysal Care concepts protects flowers from an early demise. Based on many years of in-house research, Chrysal has developed innovative care products, like the Chrysal specialties. These are specially designed for the needs of specific bouquet types and cut flowers, such as roses, lilies and bulb flowers.

Research is the key to Chrysals success. In their laboratory in Naarden state-of-the-art technology is utilized to create products that improve the longevity of flowers. Product development and improvement are the main tasks of their R&D department. Chrysals research methods and flowering test room are officially recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.