Giving Flowers – A Top 10 List of Suggestions

Too often sending flowers as a gift to someone is viewed as something that is only done for that special occasion. At Grower Direct we feel that any occasion can be turned into a special occasion simply by adding flowers. That’s right! An everyday occasion can be made into a memorable one with a gesture as simple and inexpensive as sending flowers.

The Power of giving Flowers

Don’t believe us? Give it a try and you will be surprised. If your not certain what occasion or act warrants sending flowers, the simple answer is “pretty much anything”. So to get you started here are 10 suggestions.


Random Acts of Flowers: A Top 10 List from Author M.J. Ryan

M.J. Ryan, happiness expert and author of the Random Acts of Kindness book series, has coupled her expertise on the power of gratitude with her love of flowers to create Random Acts of Flowers, a list of her favourite reasons to send a floral gift.

“I see flowers as a way to capture special moments and emotions in life,” says Ryan. “People truly and fondly remember when they get flowers, and you will continue to feel thanked throughout your relationship long after you send them.”

  • One Who Makes a Difference: Think of the carpool mom, scout leader, local volunteer or apartment doorman who makes an everyday difference in your life. A surprise bouquet is a convenient, informal way to say “Thanks for making my life easier.”
  • Wedding Arrangements: When asking a friend to join your wedding party or expressing thanks to a shower hostess, ask your florist to help make it special by delivering an arrangement in advance of the big day.
  • Best Friend Boosts: Send a celebratory bunch to a best friend who lands a dream job, a sibling who receives a promotion at work, or a friend who reaches a personal milestone. Show them you care about their success.
  • A Moment of Calm: Help someone dealing with a hectic time in their life relax with a tranquil gift of flowers. Your florist can give you ideas on soothing colours and styles, and help you deliver that “moment of calm.” The recipient will be impressed by your thoughtfulness.
  • Life Lessons: Surprise your child’s teacher or tutor with an eye-popping arrangement for his/her desk. Ask your child to put his/her favourite teaching moment on the gift card to make a memory that lasts a lifetime.
  • Lifeguard Reward: Send flowers to thank your babysitter or pet sitter as a surprise thank-you for safely guarding your most prized possessions.
  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood: Welcome a new family or delight an elderly neighbour who does not get out much with a colourful flowering plant or fresh flowers for their kitchen. It’s a great way to break the ice, meet a friend and show you care.
  • Fresh Squeeze: Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to say “I love you.” Research shows that people like to receive flowers when they least expect it. Send a surprise floral hug to make your romance spontaneously blossom. Or, on your birthday, send flowers to your mom to thank her for all she’s done for you.
  • Delivery is in the Details: Show your appreciation to your hairstylist who always manages to fit you in during a pinch, or your doctor who spends those extra minutes to show he/she cares.
  • Declare You Care: Send a bouquet to celebrate a friend who has recovered from an illness or a new mom on her first day back to work. It will be a beautiful reminder of your support and friendship.

“Flowers are the perfect expression of gratitude and appreciation, and they deliver a message with sincerity and care,” says Ryan. “The new research shows that these positive characteristics also are attributed to the giver. Giving flowers is an act of kindness, and the results are anything but random.”