Strategic Alliances

Within our corporate structure and beyond, you can take advantage of valuable business alliances and bonds, which have been forged to strengthen our business and yours.


Your discounted membership in FTD is part of the package at Grower Direct, and is sure to be envied by your competitors. This is the world’s strongest floral brand; a name and an image, which instantly convey reliable high quality service for customers who need to send flowers out of town.

Grower Direct is proud of the fact that we have been amongst FTD’s Top 100 order sending members for the last 5 years. This is just one more way that consumers display their confidence in Grower Direct and our stores.

Odyssey Brokerage

This Miami based company was established specifically to provide quality control, cold storage, docking and consolidation services for Grower Direct, here in Canada. Miami is the main import center for flowers coming in to North America. Being the only Canadian flower importer with our own facility in Miami provides us with the ability to take control of our product in the transportation chain far sooner than our competitors are able to. One more Grower Direct advantage!


FloraWorld is Canada’s homegrown floral wire service and e-commerce network. It was actually established to meet the needs of Grower Direct Stores and Grower Direct customers, and continues to deliver on that mandate; with special programs for our customers, and a powerful link to the Aeroplan and CAA rewards programs, which brings new business to our Grower Direct stores.

Floral Suppliers

Through our standing order system we have developed strong ties with some of the world’s most reliable and innovative flower growers. Names like Golden Flowers, Agriflora, Duamex, Holex and Five Star Flowers are renowned for the quality and variety of their products.


Grower Direct is an active member of the Alberta Motor Association’s Show Your Card and Save Program in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. Members receive a 10% discount on in-store purchases. This gives us preferential access to Automobile Association members who are legendary for their long-term loyalties.