Party Planner

So, you got that promotion and you’re feeling festive. Aunt Daisy is turning 100, Mom and Dad have an anniversary, It’s Christmas, or time for a picnic at the beach. In other words: IT’S TIME FOR A PARTY! Every day there are scores of reasons to celebrate the joys of life, honor traditions, socialize with business associates, family and friends.

Flowers are an essential element of any party…whether a formal seated dinner, casual barbecue on the patio, gala holiday buffet or an event you are hosting for someone else. Flowers can enhance the mood and help set the tone. And flowers are just as much a part of the aesthetic experience of dining as the food…whether they be daisies or delphinium, roses or ranunculus. So, if you have a special theme in mind, want to enhance your home’s features, or express your own unique style at your party, there’s a flower to do that.

Professional florists are experts at the art of self-expression and can help to create the party of your dreams. You may find that a visit to the florist’s cooler will provide you with a plethora of flowers and inspiration. By tapping into the creative expertise of your florist and working with them closely regarding your budget and goals, you can make the most of your party and host an event that guests will remember for years.