Commonly called Gypsophilia or Baby’s Breath, this species of Gypsophilia originated in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

Many tiny flowers are produced on branched stems giving a lacy, snowflake appearance. Baby’s Breath is available in either pink or white varieties. Perhaps the most popular variety is called Million Star. Some of the other varieties that can also be commonly found are New Love, Perfecta and Mirabella.

Available: Year-round.


Care & Handling:

  • Gypsophilia is sensitive to ethylene.
  • Keep away from all external sources of ethylene, such as fruit, carbon monoxide and decaying plant material.
  • Re-cut stems as needed, preferably underwater.

Design Suggestions:

  • Use as a filler flower in bouquets and arrangements, creating depth and dimension.
  • Use Gypsophilia in Victorian style arrangements.
  • Also dries well and is excellent for dried arrangements. Simply hang upside down for a few days.
  • Popular for weddings – brides are now carrying bouquets of just baby’s breath!!
  • Consider tinted gyp for special holiday accents (green for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)