April Birth Month Flower – The Daisy

Flowers are one of the greatest gifts to send for birthdays. So in April, you cannot go wrong sending the birth month flower of Daisies. Whether it be Gerbera Daisy or Shasta Daisies, you will receive a smile. Daisies are a bright and fun way to let someone know you think of them on their special day. But what makes these so unique?

History of the Daisy

Daisies have been around since 2200 B.C. Egyptions used them to treat illnesses, so they planted them around the Egyptian temples. Many years later, England used daisies to cure eye problems and stomach ulcers. In fact, the name Daisy originates from the words “day’s eye.”

The Language of Flowers

Daisies have been identified for innocence, loyal love; I’ll never tell, and purity. Due to this, they have become known as the friendship flower hence why these are the perfect flowers to give to your closest friends.

Fun Facts

  • These flowers are high in vitamin C
  • They are found on every continent except Antarctica
  • The varieties make up close to 10% of all of Earth’s flowers
  • They are actually made up of 2 types of flowers. The Ray Flower and the Disc Flower. The Disc is in the middle, and the Ray is the petals surrounding it.
  • They belong to the largest families of plants in the world
  • They close their petals overnight.